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We work with single and multi-tenant facilities. We provide tenant friendly scheduling, and all work is warrantied.

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Tenant friendly scheduling for the smallest possible impact to business. All work is warrantied.





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We perform detail oriented work; our goal is to please our customers with cleanliness and precision. All work is warrantied.







We can meet all of your concrete needs. All work is warrantied.

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Crack seal

Sealing the cracks in your asphalt helps prevent moisture from getting to the base material below. The strength in your base material directly affects the strength of your asphalt.

before after

Weather, time, and traffic wear down the oil in your asphalt. Applying an asphalt sealer will prevent moisture from penetrating the asphalt and adds an additional layer to help protect the asphalt from wear and tear. Sealcoat also drastically improves the look of your property.

patching 01
Asphalt patching (potholes/damage)

There are many factors that can damage or ruin asphalt. We will cut and remove the damaged asphalt, assess the base below, repair if necessary, and install new, compacted hotmix asphalt.


New paint on your pavement not only improves the look of your property, but it also improves the functionality.  Whether it is arrows, stall lines, stop bars, handicap images, numbers, stenciling, or painted curbing, fresh paint will help customers navigate your parking lot seamlessly.


When your building is brand new, we will excavate the lot, place new, compacted base material, and new, compacted asphalt.

trader joes bollard before and after
Site Signage

When signs are needed, whether for ADA or Fire Lane compliance, or simply to organize certain spaces, we will install them in concrete, asphalt, or landscape.

astill concrete patio before

Concrete covers many different aspects of a home or business landscape or parking/driving area. Whatever concrete pieces are needed, we will install, repair, or maintain them.

We just had our road patched and sealcoated by Steve and his crew from Asphalt Masters and their work was excellent and at a very reasonable price. If you need any asphalt work done or your driveway repaired or resealed, I would highly recommend giving Steve at Asphalt Masters a call. 

Michael S
Park City HOA Board President

THANKS SOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Glory be!!!!! I looked over our asphalt job this morning - it looks great. The guidelines requested in front of the 4 hangars came out exactly as requested and all the other striping also looks great. I do believe that Asphalt Masters has done a much better job than others. This means that all 23 hangars have had their front cracks filled. This should stop that nasty weed problem in front of our hangars. Kind of tricks the place up a little.

This Steve Kelley guy is top notch!!!!



Johnson Myke
Mauris Cursus

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